SANUWAVE Inc., headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), also listed on the NASDAQ stock market of the New York Stock Exchange, is an emerging regenerative medicine company.

Its core business focuses primarily on the development and marketing of devices to repair and regeneration tissues as well as musculoskeletal and vascular structures, through the use of non-invasive biological reactions.

Sanuwave Inc. is the exclusive owner of the trademarks Reflectron®, Ossatron®, Evotron® OrtoPACE™ and DermaPACE™, as well as all the devices and components manufactured by the company HMT AG, whose orthopaedic, physiatric and sports medicine business has been fully acquired by SANUWAVE Inc. in 2005.

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MR Inc. | Specialized company with tradition for medical devices which has been developing and manufacturing medical devices

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